Ewerby Wedding | Rebecca & Chris

Finch Hatton Arms Wedding Ewerby

You are AMAZING! Thank you so much, you've really captured the day xx

Where do I start? What a fabulous day. I’ve known Bec for some time as I used to teach her younger brother Guitar, it’s always a pleasure to be part of the day to someone you know.

This wedding had so many highlights for me, not only did both Chris and Bec look fantastic the amazing little touches in Becs parents garden where the ceremony was held made it magical.

What a fantastic bouquet, I’ve never seen one like it before or since. I’ve also never held one so weighty!

A morning precession through Ewerby mainstreet lead by a piper, the best looking collection of homemade cakes I think I’ve ever seen (drool…), private access to Ewerby priory, the trampoline, speeches that were so funny I forgot I was supposed to be working, gorgeous food provided by The Finch Hatton Arms and the first photoshoot I’ve ever done for a random frog.

An amazing wedding full of laughter and happiness for an amazing couple