Hemswell Court Wedding | Ashlea & Gareth



Back at Hemswell Court which is always a pleasure to photograph at. Such a warming and inviting atmosphere the staff make everyone feel relaxed, which was definitely need on this day.

I hadn't been asked to take bridal preparatory photos on this occasion. Having not seen Ashlea I popped upstairs to where she was getting ready for a quick chat and all was calm. A stark contrast to the nerves in which Gareth had met me with downstairs. Give it half an hour I thought, and of course the tides had turned...Gareth had now relaxed a bit and it was Ashlea's turn to be nervous. I stayed with her to capture her proud dad seeing her for the first time in her dress, and then it was time for the ceremony.

The weather the day before had been very bright but today was a little cloudier with even a few spots of rain for good measure. Rain is something all brides and grooms worry about but it rarely causes any major problems and we were able to get plenty of photos outside and a few in the entrance hall as well....always nice to have a bit of variety.

Ashlea and Gareth make a great couple, they're definitely best friends and are so relaxed in each others company...by the end of ceremony the nerves we're all but gone and smiles and laughter had, as always, replaced the apprehension.