Kelham Hall Wedding | Jenny & Tom

Absolutely amazing!! Thank you Geoff!

November doesn't often have the reputation as being one of the warmer months, however short of snow we still seemed to have every single season in one day!

I traveled over to Jenny's parents in Lincoln early morning through horrific wind and rain and was expecting that we would be taking photos inside all day. The mood was chilled and light-hearted when I arrived and the girls were enjoying some lovely looking danish pastries. Hair, makeup and getting dressed up was accompanied with laughter between family and Jenny's fantastic bridesmaids who she clearly holds as dear friends.

The weather seemed to worsen when leaving Lincoln but on the horizon Newark seemed quite a bit brighter. Greeted at Kelham Hall with clearer sky's and 3 of Tom's ushers who looked very proud...if not a little jealous of the other ushers keeping warm inside the hall.

The service was short but very sweet; personal vows that definitely tugged on a heart strings. Noticing that the Sun had come out in perfect timing for the "golden hour" I hurried Jenny and Tom outside for their portrait photos, followed by group the time we'd finished through them it was definitely time to warm the bride and groom...and myself up inside.

Jenny & Tom are a fantastic couple and make each other laugh all the time. Tom is a clearly funny guy (reflected in his speech) and I wish them every ounce of happiness together.

Enjoy the photo's 🙂