Langton by Wragby Church Christening | Seth Taylor


I really am impressed, they're lush thank you

This was a day of discoveries for me:

The discovery of a fantastic church (Langton by Wragby)...I'd have never even known it was there had I not followed Sally & Dean (Mummy & Daddy of Seth). The discovery of how capable my new Nikon D750 is in low light (amazing...fairy dust capability in the church). The discovery (well first meeting....I'm trying to stay on theme here) of one of my best friends Sisters (Sally), and the discovery of the Admiral Rodney in Horncastle (another new venue for me).

Seth was a perfect most recent shoots have been with a dog and a baby (supposedly I should never work with animals and far that has proven to be nonsense; Seth was such a chilled out little man and didn't shed a single tear all day.

Langton by Wragby Church is a little jewel, I'd love to shoot a wedding there in the future; such a lovely rural setting, and the cake at the party!!

Enjoy the photo's 🙂