Tattershall Castle Wedding | Miya & Steve


Wow I love them. Thank you so much Geoff you are clearly fantastic at what you do! Xx

Sometimes you can plan for every eventuality...often you're wrong!

It was 2 days before the wedding and I messaged Miya to tell her to bring a brollie and even her Wellie boots. The weather was forecast to literally be horrendous. Rain is so often feared by wedding couples yet it can make for some dramatic images...it's just how long they can tolerate being out in it under cover from an umbrella or two. However, it turned out that lady luck was smiling on Miya & Steve as apart from a some blustery moments the weather was fine, we even had sunshine at the optimal time for their portrait photos.

I arrived at Miya's house for the preparatory photos and the party was already in swing, a bottle of Prosecco had already been opened (and mostly consumed). Infact, 3 bottles were opened (sneakily) before I got a chance to photograph Lily (Miya and Steve's daughter) popping the cork on a bottle.

Tattershall Castle is a stunning wedding venue and, as always, it look magnificent. The service was beautiful and I nearly shed a tear myself at Miya & Steve's Son & Daughter doing their reading.

The reception was held at Woodhall Spa Golf Club and it wasn't long after the meal before the party was in full swing.

Enjoy the photo's 🙂