The Chequers Inn Woolsthorpe Wedding | Maxine & Michael


These are absolutely amazing, thank you SO much. We've just both sat here with Jessie and cried our eyes out!

Where do I start with Maxine & Michael's wedding? Maybe with getting a little bit lost on the way to their beautiful new home where a rather nervous Maxine met me at the door. I was immediately offered a cup of coffee which was greatly appreciated...sometimes, even I get a little nervous. I just think it adds to the excitement 🙂

A quick delivery of Maxine's beautiful flowers and meeting her lovely daughter Jessie was followed by a quick drive to The Chequers Inn in Woolsthorpe by Belvoir. A simply stunning country establishment that I've had the pleasure to photograph at before and welcomed the opportunity again. Michael was happily conversing in the garden which had been decorated beautifully and the mornings rain was desperately trying to clear up. The service was a delight to be part of with a beautiful reading from Jessie (you did a great job at keeping the paper from in front of your face Jessie 😉 ).

Photos, were followed by a frankly awesome barbecue, which was followed by, and I don't say this lightly, the best collection of speeches I've yet to hear. I was truly touched by the way Michael talks about Maxine. They are clearly made for each other and I wish them all the best for the future. Thank you for letting me be part of your day 🙂 The band were ace as well!!

Enjoy the photos..