Woodhall Spa Manor Wedding | Naden & Paul



What an incredible wedding at Woodhall Spa Manor!! The day started off with a bit of drizzle but, always the optimist I had a feeling it would dry up throughout the day 🙂 I was greeted bright an early by Naden's dad and the smell of toasting bagels (no toaster though!!). The girls were already in high spirits and getting ready was well under way....not a nerve in sight, I thought. I may have thought just a teensy bit too soon 😉

Actually, it was Paul who looked more nervous once I reached the church. Naden was a little (fashionably) late and the anticipation was all over Paul's face. He couldn't wait to see Naden and understandably was overwhelmed by how amazing she looked walking down the aisle. They are such a wonderful couple and so friendly and welcoming, and clearly madly in love with each other!

They had a beautiful wedding and a fantastic reception and party at Woodhall Spa Manor. I wish them every ounce of happiness for the future. On with the photos...